...to the Double M Simmentals website. We are glad you looked us up and hope you take a few minutes to see what we are about and what is going on in our Simmental world.

Double M Simmentals, owned and managed by Sandy Scheu, started raising Simmental cattle in 1978 in Garland, Texas. Double M Simmentals was started by Sandy’s parents Mac and Margaret McDowell when they purchased their first Simmental bull to use on their small commercial herd. Just a few months later, we purchased our first purebred female together; thus our partnership was born. Over the next several years Double M Simmentals purchased purebred females and produced purebred cattle by a breeding up program from the commercial herd.

Since the passing of Sandy’s parents in 1989 and 1991, Sandy have continued in the Simmental business, constantly striving to improve the quality of our herd. We definitely believe in quality, not quantity. For us, quality does not cost – it pays!! Without a doubt the biggest step we made in our herd quality was when we started an extensive AI program. We continue to use some of the most popular and proven AI sires in the Simmental breed. Utilizing embryo transfer from a few select donors has further improved the quality in our herd.

In 2006, we sold the family farm in the thriving metropolis of Garland and brought our city cows to the country near Grand Saline, Texas. A new place with a few more acres has allowed us to increase our numbers slightly, but not at the expense of the quality we demand in our herd. We have built a herd of fertile, free moving, easy fleshing, good uddered females.

Showing our cattle began as soon as we got involved in the Simmental breed. We love showing cattle and feel like the show ring is an excellent place for competition and it also allows us to showcase our program. Performance in the pasture is expected from our cattle when their show careers are over.

Selling show heifers prospects is our main marketing focus. We also offer a few herd bull prospects, bred heifers and steers from our program.

Sandy has retired from teaching Agriculture Education, we have taken on a new endeavor. We have been custom fitting and showing a select few head of cattle for other folks. We would love the opportunity to professionally present your cattle to the public.

Visitors are always welcome at the ranch. Stop by and visit and let us show you our program.
We love to talk Simmental!

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